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From the requirements of the Blue Drop Handbook..."This draft regulation for the Classification of Water Services Works and Registration of Process Controllers also establishes mandatory refresher training requirements for Process Controllers to ensure that competency levels are maintained. Process Controller registration renewal is thus conditional on meeting specified training requirements. The Water Services Institution or owner operating the water treatment plant must ensure that every Process Controller employed must complete the required hours of training every year, over the five years between registration renewals."

A further bonus can be obtained if "Evidence of measures taken to ensure the credibility of the sampling process or that Samplers have been subjected to relevant sampling training" is given in the requirements.

From the requirements it can be seen that training of process controllers are a key element in obtaining and maintaining Blue Drop certification.

We have therefore developed a training course/s that will assist municipalities in complying to the requirements and improving the skills of Process Controllers.

The course and content will depend on the level of training of process controllers as well as the need in the workplace, but may typically consist out of the following init standards.

Typical water purification courses will include the following units

Operate coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation processes (Unit Standard 246440) 

Conduct sampling for water and wastewater treatment processes (Unit Standard 246464) 

Conduct water treatment process control tests (Unit Standard 246461)

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Water and Wastewater Treatment Record keeping systems

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Skilld Development Facilitator (SDF)

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Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)

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Vacuum Toilet Systems - A vacuum system has been installed, reducing the 9 litre of water used per toilet flush to only 1 litre per toilet flush

Incident Management Protocol (IMP) Software available and ideal for Blue and Green Drop Requirements.

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